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Why Us?
  • Ultra modern look and excellent flatness can be shaped and formed without any loss of surface integrity.
  • Light weight-reduces both frame loadings and cost of fabrication and installation.
  • Sound installation and pollution resistant.
  • Acid, alkali and salt spray resistant.
  • Smooth paint finish and stability of fitness.
  • Excellent UV characteristics-retains colour after long exposure.
  • Resistant to blow and breakage-high impact resistance
  • High-Temperature Roll Coating Method based on KYNAAR 500 PV df coating assures longer coating life.
  • Viberation damping minimizes vibration noise.
  • Heat insulation good thermal insulation
  • Ease of installation and fabrication-can be bent, cut, drilled, punched, stamped and shaped into complex shape.
  • Maintenance Free-can be cleaned using detergents.
  • Various colour choice of solid, exotic metallic, brush, mirror and granite finish.

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