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Built up in 2014, IMPERIA DECOR is one of the main makers and exporters of Aluminum Composite Panels, aluminum composite panel, aluminium partition sheet, and aluminum composite rooftop boards.

We have world class and propelled level of super wide aluminum boards, broadly utilized for development of private and business structures.

We are had some expertise in assembling of climate resistance and flame resistant aluminum panel. With over 8 years of improvement, we have built up strong business associations with clients in India and around the world.

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Aluminium Partition Sheet Mmanufacturer

We are top Aluminium partition sheet manufacturer in India. The utilization of ACP Partition Sheets has set new skylines in the engineering planning and development of structures. Produced using evaluated aluminum, these sheets have wide applications in signage and aluminum composite panels. The sheets are high in quality and have incredible formability for diverse convoluted shapes. The aluminum partition sheets are high on sturdiness and are accessible in different completes as prepainted and anodized.

Aluminum Partition Sheets are extraordinarily planned and completed for a mixed bag of building and constructional work. Suitable for finishing both outside and also inside of a building, these panel sheets can maintain unsafe UV radiations and unfriendly climatic conditions. Generally utilized for outlining, roofs, claddings, entryways, windows and allotments, the aluminum board sheets are accessible in diverse completes and measurements.


We at Imperia Decor, reputed ACP partition sheet manufactuter. We generally accept that our prosperity and clients' fulfillment originate from the solid nature of our items, and the dependable quality originates from our strict administration strategy. Our better quality aluminum items are composed than suit auxiliary diversions, control wind-driven rain and air spillage, minimize the impacts of sun based radiation and accommodate upkeep free long haul execution.

The organization is guided by the objectives of value and consumer loyalty and have served the global and the household customers, to their maximum capacity.

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