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We also deal with the ACP production Line. We have also ready stocks of colour coated aluminium coils and mill finished coils made , Adhesive Films , and Protective film.

Excellent Resistance against weather:

Composite Aluminium Panel has improved resistance against all kind of weather conditions. It is weather proof and has very good ultra violate resistance. Imperia Decor composite aluminium panels do not get affected in salty, sand, coastal or dusty atmospheres.

Outstanding Flatness:

With Imperia composite panel, you will never complain that it naturally gets bended. These are procured from the most advanced production process assuring them with long lasting flatness.

Lightweight and Rigid Construction

The rigidity of Imperia Decor Aluminium Composite Penal is really excellent if compared with solid aluminium and even with steel. Now similar composite panels in similar resistance are available while the weight is decreased several times. It is stable and its improved rigidity makes it a suitable material for variety of structures.

Its light weight allows you to carry it with an ease and apply on applications with no extra efforts. Weight has also minimized the cost to some extent.

Imperia Decor Aluminium Composite Panels provide better resistance against several weather conditions and even they have Ultraviolet resistance. Also, salty, sand, coastal or dusty atmospheres do not also affect Aluminium Composite Panels of brand Imperia Decor.


In spite of outstanding flatness for a long time, you can use Imperia panels with full versatility. You can easily bend them, cut and drill as well as shape to achieve desired design.

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