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ITEM Other brands IMPERIA Panels
Wastage Wastage increases the cost of project. There is no waste, as these are prepared as per required size
Sizes Not too many sizes are available Imperia panels are available in any cut to size.
Width Not too many widths are available Panels are available in 1220, 1500, 1550, 1575 & 1600mm widths
Length Not too many lengths are available Panels are available in any length up to 6000mm or more.
Colour and shade variability Limited colour or shade option available Available in variety of colours and shade options as per the requirement of applications
Flatness Bending and curving occur on surfaces after particular period Long lasting flatness due to use of three roller technology
Availability Collected from different sources, and then delivered. Delay delivery increases project cost. Quality of one consignment varies from the second one. As per need produced by clients, all products are made in India itself and delivered within promised timeframe
PVDE coating Ordinary quality coating Superfine quality of PVDE coating
Thickness Not too many thicknesses are available Panels are available in all thickness of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 mm for multiple and convenient applications.


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